Pijlie’s Everyman’s Wargaming Protocol for Every War.

This is a compact and easy ruleset written by Jan-Willem van der Pijl and will give you the tools to play, or host, fast-playing convention games, aimed at novice players from all ages. Best used for action packed skirmish games with 2 to 6 teams of up to 6 figures in every period imaginable.
4 pages of basic rules, 2 scenario’s that were used at conventions and 5 prints on 300 grs. paper with blank stat cards and activation cards.

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– Rulebook (A4, softcover (250 grs. paper), 8-pages (130 grs. paper), full colour, including 5 sheets (A4, full colour print 300 grs. paper): € 9,95

Rulebook and extra sheets

– Digital rulebook: € 3,00

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