Metal up your Ass is a card game under construction. This game will have a strong Heavy Metal theme. Not too complicated and mostly fun, it is ideal for playing short games. Perfect for when you are residing on a festival campsite and want to kill some time with friends.

Each player represents a band member of two rival groups. You need to gather points (fans) by placing cards and try to counteract the opponent in the proces. All card titles can be related to songs by Metal-bands. The game is written by Patrick Sint Nicolaas (Hazard Game Design) and the artwork will be done by Ammar Al-Chalabi ( or ghoulburrito on Instagram) and will feature a lot of self-mockery.
Both the author and the artist are long time Metal fans.

This game will be released through a Kickstarter and will include 110 cards in the basic pack. It will provide all you need for a standard 2-player game. Stretch goals will include booster packs of 55 cards that will allow you to play with more people (and provide you with more hilarious cards of course).