Patrick Sint Nicolaas
Patrick is the founder of Hazard Game Design. It all started when he wrote the first draft of the Witchin’ Hour skirmish game. What started as a project ‘just to see if he could pull it off’, quickly became a serious attempt to become a ‘real’ games designer. After the successful Witchin’ Hour Kickstarter campaign, Hazard Game Design was also given life.

Patrick designs games, takes care of the graphic design, paints models and handles photography. He also takes care of all general Hazardous business.

Jan-Willem van der Pijl
Jan-Willem has been a part of Hazard Game Design from the very start.  He is an avid wargamer and owns a vast collection of rulesets. Jan-Willem is the first to read new game designs and playtest games, being a perfect soundboard because of his knowledge of existing rulesets and game mechanics.

As an added bonus he also creates illustrations. You can find some of his work in the Witchin’ Hour rulebook and on the tokens. 

We work with a lot of talented people to create our games. These are freelance artists who bring their own creativity to our designing process.

Sander ten Napel
Sander has created the concept art for the Lock&Load skirmish game. His sketchings are also used throughout the rulebook.
He is a freelance illustrator, painter and teacher of art and art history.

You can find Sander and his work at:, and

Bob Naismith
Bob is a long time miniatures designer and sculptor who is working for so many companies that any wargamer probably owns at least one of his models.

Bob is responsible for the miniatures line for the Lock&Load skirmish game and uses his expertise and creativity to bring the models to life and to your tabletop.

You can find Bob’s own miniatures line at: