Lock ’n Load is a skirmish game under construction.
It will feature teams of models hunting for big monsters/aliens. The monsters will be driven by the game mechanics while 2 players will control the opposing hunting forces. The awareness of the hunted creature will determine a lot of how the game will progress.

This game is in an early stage of development and will therefore probably undergo some changes before the final result can be shown.

Lock&Load will be released as a rulebook and we are also planning to release a line of models for the game (as STL printable files or actual resin cast). We will be working with veteran designer and sculptor Bob Naismith for this. https://bobnaismith.com

Sander ten Napel (https://elegastwerkplaats.nl) will be creating the illustrations.

Concept art for the Ihteram hunting team models
©Sander ten Napel
Concept art for the Andronica hunting team models
©Sander ten Napel
Concept art for one of the alien monsters
©Sander ten Napel